We are a group of people who believe that in Jesus we find purpose and meaning for life. We meet together to worship him and to encourage each other as we seek to follow his example in our daily lives. Some of us have known God for a long time, others are just getting to know him.

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine. The greatest friend anyone could ever hope for. His name is Jesus, the Saviour of the entire world! The One who gladly gave His life for you, so that in Him and Him alone you might know the power of true forgiveness and a life set free from the burden of guilt and sin. He’s longing to know you! Even now He stands knocking at the door of your heart in order to bless you with the gift of His presence and the assurance of His everlasting love. All you have to do is invite Him in and leave the rest, in trust, to Him. You won’t regret it and your life will be changed for the better, for ever!

A message from our pastor, John Prothero